2015 QLN FSMA Half Day Workshop

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2015 FSMA Workshop ReviewsThe QLN FSMA half day workshop in Irvine was a great success as reported on the VOC by over 100 attendees who gave the event, an overall rating of 4.6 (scale 1-5).

Here is what Dr. Marlene Swider, FDA Quality Manager, and our Hostess,  reported to her Boss, Steven Porter of the FDA District Office in Irvine, CA, the day following the event:

This year the Quality Leadership Network (QLN) at LOS-DO hosted a FSMA workshop between FDA SMEs, Food Industry, and Academia. Dr. Jeff Farrar, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Partnerships for the FDA Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine, FDA, served as guest speaker. Also, Ms. Jenny Scott, Senior Advisor to CFSAN’s Director and FDA subject matter expert on Preventive Control participated via teleconference addressing many of the participants questions and encouraging participants to send their questions to FSMA website at http://www.fda.gov/FoodT/GuidanceRegulation/FSMA/ucm459719.htm  . The purpose of the half day workshop was to  provide FSMA guidance to So. CA small food manufacturers that are trying to better understand how to comply with FDA new FSMA regulations. A panel of industry experts, consultants, and professors from local universities worked in a Case Study. Also, a brief survey gathering participants’ feedback on the usefulness of a designed Score Card quality tool presented took place. The activity included a small celebration for the 2nd Anniversary of QLN with deliverance of the 2015 FDA Collaborating and Leveraging Award certificates for recipients QLN lead members. Presentations from this workshop will be available at  www.EasyFSMA.com

Here are some useful tools for all to share:

Materials from the workshop are coming available on our website. The site includes the Food Corrective/Preventive Action Scorecard, by the ASQ metrics. The site also includes pictures from the workshop. Permission to repost presentations has been requested of each speaker.  FDA announced its page where you can submit specific problems your business is facing regarding FSMA. MEIRxRS showed a video on how its apprenticeship program is helping companies improve food quality

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