April 8, 2016 QLN University Lecture Series Day with FDA



Free Workshop

In an effort to ensure full transparency with the medical product and dietary supplement industries, the FDA Los Angeles District Office is hosting a Regulatory Policy Lecture Series on how FDA goes about improving product, processes, and service quality through the use of quality tools. During cGMP investigations and through import inspections, FDA has noted several areas where industry could improve product quality. We will share our observations with future regulatory policy professionals and graduate students from local regulatory policy graduate programs. The audience for these lectures includes graduate program students from USC, UCI, Tech Graduate Institute, Chapman University and Cal Poly Pomona. Many of these students are pursuing careers with FDA as employees or quality interns. These workshops will include presentations by FDA quality interns and FDA subject matter experts discussing our current challenges with product quality and use of quality tools to address these quality issues.  For more information, download our booklet.

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