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The Quality Leaders Network (QLN)

The Quality Leaders Network (QLN) is a platform to interchange information between FDA and the industry regulated by this Agency. The QLN originated as an innovative idea in support of the FDA’s Transparency Initiative, per President Obama’s request in 2009. This initiative is also shared by FDA Senior Management, local medical, and regulated products manufacturers.

The QLN’s goal is to:

  • Exchange information
  • Network
  • Collaborate
  • Communicate

QLN will collaborate with the industry to assist it to complying with laws enforced by FDA, to develop state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and to ensure the quality and safety of FDA regulated products.

This group was initiated when the Quality Manager at FDA LOS-DO, Dr. Marléne García Swider, along with local associations pursuing quality of FDA regulated products regulated decided to take on this venture. They invited local leaders and executives interested and willing to offer guidance advice, and support the FDA transparency initiative, and the American Society for Quality – Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic (ASQ FDC) Division as the organization consolidating and shaping the QLN collaboration.

The QLN conducts workshops and other educational events. The QLN workshops are free and scheduled per members’ interests and upon request. the QLN consists of 5 groups: Food, Supply Chain, Education, Dietary Supplements, and Metrics.

QLN Group

QLN Working Groups

In 2015 the QLN group was awarded the FDA Collaborating and Leveraging Award.

Sharing is Caring:

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