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2016 QLN FSMA Free Half Day Workshop


September 15, 2016. This is the second lecture, part of a quarterly Lecture Series where FDA and Industry come together to provide regulatory guidance and Good Manufacturing Practice topics and case studies. This workshop will include presentations by the FDA and Food Industry subject matter experts discussing the current challenges related to product quality and food safety. The primary goal will be to explore methods to resolve these case studies. Registration is limited to FDA employees, Local Food, Ingredient, and Food Supplier Professionals. This facility can only accommodate 85 people.

You must register by September 15th to attend this event. No walk-ins will be allowed due to security requirements at this facility. (Registration Link)

Who Should Attend

Two representatives from each company are highly suggested to attend the FSMA Compliance Workshop 2016: (1) CEO, CFO, or VP of Finance and (2) Head of Quality. This is recommended to improve the support of management in the adoption of new practices. Companies with both representatives get first priority in attending this limited space workshop.

FSMA Compliance Workshop 2016 Agenda

Date: September 15, 2016. Hosted by: LA District FDA

7:00am Registration, Breakfast and Networking

7:45am – 12:30pm

  • Welcome and Introductions.
  • Presentations.
  • Case Study: Jill Golden- (Past SCIFT Chair) Panel Moderator: Participate in real life case study. Discussion will be around about causes, effects and COSTS of non-compliance
    • Supplier Risk Management
    • Supplier Controls
    • Supplier Audits
    • Supplier Verification
    • Supply Chain

Breakfast and refreshments are sponsored by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Food, Drug & Cosmetic Division, the Quality Leaders Network (QLN) Food Group, RxRS Apprenticeship Program.

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GenomeTrakr: Transforming Food Safety

pathogensJune 27, 2016

FDA has posted a new video about the cutting-edge work of the GenomeTrakr network. The network, consisting of laboratories with whole genome sequencing capabilities, was established to facilitate the sharing of pathogen sequence data between public health agencies, academia, and the food industry, with the goal of preventing large-scale foodborne illness outbreaks.

Whole genome sequencing lets scientists look at the DNA fingerprint of pathogens, bacteria that cause disease. The FDA is increasingly using this technology to more rapidly identify foodborne pathogens and trace them to their source with unprecedented detail and clarity.

Contributing laboratories upload a pathogen’s genetic sequence, as well as information about where the pathogen was gathered, into the publicly accessible GenomeTrakr database. The information can then be used to speed outbreak investigations and to inform foodborne illness prevention strategies in food facilities and on farms.

To see this and other videos on this technology, visit the GenomeTrakr Video Library.

For More Information

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We are now Quality Leaders

easyfsma to qln2

We are evolving, now we are Quality Leaders. The ASQ FDC Division is the proud sponsor of This website, “Quality Leaders,” is maintained in association with the Quality Leaders Network (QLN) group. Its purpose is to provide a space that allows academia, industry, and FDA to exchange information, to network, to collaborate, and to communicate topics of common interest. Quality Leaders initiated activities as created to assist small to mid-size companies to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act signed by President Obama. Recently the website expanded to support other QLN subgroups. During the 2016 summer, Quality Leaders will add a periodic publication that will offer study summaries, key points, and other informative and educational material related to the FDA’s scope, including but not limited to public health issues, regulations, and their programs and activities. This enhancement will be led by the University of Southern California’s Regulatory Science Program.

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Our QLN Metrics Group was Published in March IFT Magazine Issue

Metric's Group Paper on IFT Magazine's website

Metric’s Group Paper on IFT Magazine’s website

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Magazine’s March-2016 issue published the “Scorecard Tool Assists with FSMA Compliance” paper created by the QLN  Metrics Group. Food Technology Magazine is the leading publication addressing all facets of food science and technology. The paper and corresponding scorecard are also available on the Tools section of Quality Leaders. Link to the Scorecard Tool Assists with FSMA Compliance paper.

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Quality Leaders is sponsored by MEIRxRS’s