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The Quality Leadership Network (QLN) Food Group is happy to provide information for general audience to assist the Food Industry in achieving compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA.)

FSMA is designed to ensure food quality from the farm to fork. FSMA requires all food manufacturers to have written and enforced GMPs, Sanitation SOPs, Hygiene Training Manuals, a HACCP Plan, Recall Plan and to upgraded labeling. Yet profit margins are thin for most food manufacturing companies while competition remains strong. To further complicate matters the supply-chain is fragmented despite the efforts of many manufacturers to simplify their recipes and reduce exposure to possible allergenic foods. The FDA is taking a Preventive Controls stance emphasizing ‘self-regulation’ so that they can support companies through educating while regulating. The net result is that the FSMA law requires manufacturers to insure compliance not just for themselves but also for all their suppliers.

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